Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sardinia - the scrambling and rappelling continue

The next day dawned much like the previous few days.  By now we knew that the best weather was in the morning and the rain would arrive in the afternoon.  We headed out early and started with an ascent of a peak via fantastic a limestone pavement and cliff formations.  Again, we utilized the precarious looking wooden steps and ladders built by shepherds hundreds of year before our arrival.

From the summit we descended by a series of rappels over impressive overhangs.  One of these ended up in a huge bramble patch and we were all nursing scratched legs by the end of the day.   Finally, we hiked down to the coast via a rough path that gave us views of "Pedra Longa" a free standing pinnacle just off the coast.

At the summit

Looking down at the sea

Sheri on the trail

A 60-meter rappel in free space

Our guide shows us how it is done!

More rappelling

Views of Pedra Longa

Comparing bramble scratches 

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