Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spruce Street update

Time for a brief Spruce Street update. First, enjoy the view of the stained glass from outside the house. This lovely sight greets us everytime we arrive with our tool boxes and paint brushes. Thanks to Nick for this inspiring contribution. Next, you can see the addition of back-splash tiles (and a dog) make the kitchen a real home-from-home. Thanks to Mark and Jen (and Kokee) for their help wth this! In other news, the new floor is now installed in the den, and doors are almost ready to be re-hung for the adjoining closet and half-bath. After that we're moving on to the basement and the garage (and we can even see light at the end of the tunnel!). Finally, this week Bruno received his mandatory Rhode Island training in lead-paint abatement. As part of this he discovered a few small items that we need to go back and fix, but it is another step closer to becoming landlords! This weekend we're planning a run to the dump and a clean out of the basement. Sounds like fun, eh?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter sports in Vermont

This weekend we took an extra day (Friday) off to go to Vermont for some winter outdoor sports. On Friday we snow-boarded at Pico Mountain, with temperatures in the single digits (F). The slopes were quiet and the conditions just about perfect.

And on Saturday we cross-country skied from Mountain Top Inn , on freshly groomed trails, in our shirt sleeves (with temperatures in the 30's). We finished off the weekend with a group meal at the Thames Valley Ski club lodge, and were back in Connecticut before dark on Sunday.
Back home the snow is rapidly melting and the yard looks like a big sea of mud! Hopefully we'll get in at least one more trip on ski's/boards before the season is over, but for now it looks like a mild week ahead with no snow in the forecast.