Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pumpkin People Return to New Hampshire

The Pumpkin People have returned to Jackson, NH and neighboring towns.  This event is sponsored by local businesses that participate by creating "people" made from real pumpkins.  During our travels with DiAnn and Mike around the Jackson area we were able to see many of the Pumpkin People displays.  This year the event offered some really creative uses of pumpkins, gourds and more.  We included photos of some of our favorites below.

Bruno, Kokee and Sheri as Pumpkin People

 Alice and Wonderland (Backcountry Cafe)

 The Presidential Range (Wentworth Hotel)

Rudolph and Friends (Snowflake Inn)

 Muppets (J-Town Deli)

 Donald Trumpkin (The Puzzle Box)

 The Band (Wildcat Inn and Tavern)

 Laundry Lady (Jackson Art Center) 

 Rapunzel (E-SKImos Ski Club)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mike and DiAnn come to New Hampshire

We enjoyed a visit from Mike and DiAnn (Sheri's mom) for a long weekend in New Hampshire. This was their first visit to the chalet so we were eager to show them the local sites.  Thankfully the rainy weather associated with the hurricane went off-shore and we enjoyed fantastic weather for the entirety of their visit. We had sunny skies every day with temperatures in the high 60's.

The first day of their visit we toured the town of Jackson and stopped at many local businesses to see  the Pumpkin People (stay tuned for a Pumpkin People post), and also went to Jackson Falls.  We then traveled west along the Kancamagus Highway to The Basin in Franconia followed by a stop at the Mt Washington Hotel for cocktails on our way back to Intervale.  We really enjoyed the unfolding of autumn with colors seemingly changing before our eyes.  

We also spent a day at the Freyeburg Fair in Freyeburg, Maine which is just across the border from Conway, NH. It was an impressive event with plenty of healthy food and interesting demonstrations.  We enjoyed the very  popular woodsman events including cross-cut sawing of logs, and chopping of blocks of wood and wooden timbers.  We saw grapenut ice cream being made the old fashioned way and took in some local music too. 

On the last day of their visit we took The Cog Railway to the summit of Mt Washington. Our journey started under the clouds but ended with bright blue sky for our tour of the Mount Washington Observatory.  We had  great tour and learned a great deal about the challenges of measuring windspeeds that can exceed 200 mph.

We enjoyed our visit with Mike and DiAnn and appreciate the long journey they made to come to visit.  We hope they can come back to our chalet on Dundee again soon.

Sheri and DiAnn at the Basin

Mike and DiAnn at the Basin

A-Day-old calf at the Freyeburg Fair

Little Maine humor - spotted on the way to the fair

Pumpkin People in Jackson - Mike completes the foursome as Pres. Adams

The Cog as we approach Jacob's ladder

The Cog just below the summit, only moment later

Waiting to board The Cog

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sheri's Visit to Colorado

Last weekend Sheri spent a long weekend in Estes Park visiting sister Kerry, Kerry's husband Brandon, and Sheri's dad Jerry.  Sheri has been eager to visit and Brandon and Kerry since they bought a new home late last year in the town of Estes Park.  Their new home is situated right on Fall River and has quick access to Rocky Mountain National Park.  September turned out to be perfect time to visit as the aspens were in peak color.  

During her visit Sheri and Jerry traveled to the town of Nederland, which offered fine views, the chance to go to the famous Dot's Diner and visit the Carousel of Happiness.  The Carousel is right in the center of town in Nederland and is an amazing work of art.  Sheri and Jerry also spent a day in Rocky Mountain National Park, covering the entire park, and crossing the Continental Divide. 

Sheri, Kerry and Brandon did a few short walks together, including a short scramble to Old Man Mountain which is located a short distance from where Brandon and Kerry live.  Old Man Mountain is a a great place to catch sun rise over Estes Park in the east and the distant morning alpenglow on Long's Peak.

The final evening in Estes Park was celebrated with dinner at the Stanlety Hotel.  

Brandon and Kerry were wonderful hosts, Sheri loved the trip to the Stanley, the short hike/scramble/bouldering trips, and the time with them sitting by the river.  Oh, and the cat themed patchwork PJ pants rock Kerry, thank you!

We are both grateful to Brandon and Kerry for the care they are giving Jerry.   Thank you for all that you are doing for him!

The apens along the road to Nederland, CO

Sheri and Jerry in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Carousel of Happiness

Sunrise over Estes Park

Aplenglow on Long's Peak

At the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

Branon and Kerry at the Stanley Hotel

Sheri and Kerry at the Stanley

John Muir outside his home in Estes Park

Kerry and Sheri in the park