Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Face of Produce

The first few spears of asparagus were ready for harvest this morning.  They appear in the April Face of Produce along with along with kale that overwintered.  The eyes are grape hyacinths that are popping up everywhere (the lawn, the strawberry bed), and the nose is a strawberry from the 2010 harvest that emerged from the freezer.

We enjoyed a white bean, sausage and kale stew last night made with tomatoes from last year. The freshly harvested kale in the stew was sweet and tender, so different that what we buy it from the grocers.  It sure makes those long days in garden even more rewarding when the fruits of your labor taste so good.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fun with Rocks

As we ease into the weekend a quick update from last week seemed in order.  After a cool rainy day on Saturday, followed by extremely heavy rain and wind on Saturday night, we were happy to see blue skies on Sunday morning.  Bruno spent the day laying wire for outdoor lights, which included rebuilding rock walls.   Sheri met Joey in the middle of Connecticut to hike Ragged Mountain.  Ragged Mountain is located in Berlin, CT just south of Hartford.  The area offers some of the best and only climbing in Connecticut, and some nice hiking too.  There are great views west into hilly areas.  We chose to appreciate the craggy outcrops with both feet on the ground but accepted the challenge of hiking through some very wet areas that were flooded from the heavy rains the night before.  Ragged Mountain is a great place to hike in CT.  Let us know if you'd like to go a'wandering sometime.

More photos from the weekend here

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hau`oli la Ho'omana'o (Happy Anniversary)

We celebrated our 9th year of marriage on April 11th with a return visit to Buon Appetito in North Stonington.  It was great to have a very nice dinner right here in the town where we live and wish Buon Appetito continued success.  We also look forward to celebrating many years to together!  Aloha

Ko maua la male 'ana (Our Wedding Day)
April 11, 2002

April 11, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

The United Theater, The Ukuele and The Seedlings

We had an interesting weekend that began with Bruno's safe return from Brazil, although he was a bit weary from lots of sitting and eating too much rice and beans.  It was good to have him back to share in the blooming daffodils and warmer temperatures.

On Saturday morning we visited a "Green Fair" in Westerly, RI which was held in the United Theater, which is currently under renovation.  The theater was bought by The Westerly Land Trust with the renovation is being overseen by Mr. Charles Royce who recently rebuilt the Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI.  It was fun to see the "guts" of the theater and to imagine the possibilities.  We also learned about growing native plants, the history of Wilcox park, environmentally friendly lawn care, AND that there is a great Artisan bakery within minutes of the Spruce Street house (all this time!).  You can see more photos of the United Theater as it stands now at this link.  We walked through the actors entry to the back of the building and popped outside into the parking lot of 84 High Street, a favorite place to eat.   It was fun to link these two locations together; and to rediscover a place that you think you know so well.

On Saturday afternoon Sheri and her new Flea attended a Ukulele workshop in Worcester, MA taught by Jumpin' Jim.  Jumpin' Jim is a local celebrity who has been playing and teaching ukulele for many years.  He and his family make Flea and Fluke ukuleles by hand in Connecticut.  Jim is also famous for playing uke with George Harrison.  The workshop was well attended and a lot of fun.  She has mastered Surfin' USA and Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but has a long time before she will be playing bluegrass like Jake Simabukuro.

The remainder of the weekend was spent planting onions, setting up the automated hydration system in the raised beds and starting seeds inside.  We look forward to salad greens in late May, followed by beans, carrots, beets, beans, strawberries... oh MY!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Signs of Spring

Slowly things are emerging from the ground and the transition to spring feels more official these days. The grass is just starting to turn green and some flowers would certainly brighten the brown-grey residue of a long winter.  So far the crocuses are shining merrily and the daffodil flowers look as if they will open any day.

The peas were officially planted on April 2nd.  Can you see them yet?

Bruno is currently getting settled in Brazil where he will be working next week.  The travel was reportedly uneventful, if not long.  His trip report thus far suggests he has his priorities in the right place!  A prize is being offered for the correct identification for the offering on the saucer.

While Bruno was navigating his way through Portuguese, Sheri and Kokee made the first trek of the year to Barn Island.  The temperature was nearly 60 degrees (F) which accounted for the many cars in the parking lot.  We met some nice folks and their dogs.  The views to Watch Hill and the sand dunes at Nappa Tree have us longing for a late afternoon swim and a ride on the Carousel.  You can see some more photos from Barn Island here.