Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pink Martini and the von Trapps

The weekend began on Friday evening with a quick dinner at The Washington Street Cafe in New London.  After a nice dinner outside in the late afternoon sun we traveled to UCONN to Jorgenson Theater to see Pink Martini and The von Trapp Family Singers.   The show was excellent and we were pleased that Pink Martini and The von Trapps played together off and on throughout the show.  Pink Martini performed some old favorites, and many from their new album.   The highlight was the finale which included The Lonely Goatherd (from The Sound of Music) followed by the entire audience participating in a congo line around the theater! 

Here a few links to recordings from other performances:

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A short hike to the Zealand hut

A recent trip to New Hampshire included a short hike (5.2 miles round trip) to the Zealand hut.  This cabin is mantained by the Appalachian Mountain Club and is accessed in the summer by a fairly level hike around beaver ponds and waterfalls.  Kokee enjoyed the mud and the swimming, and the cookies and coffee at the hut also added to the enjoyment.  It is quite clear that fall/autumn is in the air and the leaves are starting to change color.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

More views from New Hampshire....

Here are a few more photos from our recent renovation and hiking activities in New Hampshire.

Hiking near the Glen Boulder

The Glen Boulder trail

Kokee cools off in a stream

Sheri cools off with a glass of wine

The new bathroom cabinet

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Update from New Hampshire

We have been having so much fun at the Chalet in New Hampshire there has been little time for blog postings. We spent Labor Day Weekend doing  a little winter preparation work including securing the wood stove and chimney for winter. This involved a series of ladders and ropes, much like the Hillary Step, and of course trips to Lucy Hardware for supplies.  The spare bedroom is officially complete and ready for guests so let us know when you would like to book a reservation.

On Monday, Labor Day, we took a long hike on the Glen Ellis trail which started as an out and back but ended with an extension to the Davis Trail just below the summit of Mt. Washington and on to the Boott Spur Path which took us to Pinkham Notch (a little further north from where we started).   The extra mileage afforded a clear view to the summit, the home of our  friend Marty the Cat who lives at the Observatory on Mt. Washington.  Sheri convinced a nice couple from Massachusetts to give her a lift back to the car making the loop complete.  We all slept well that night, with big smiles our our faces.

Saturday, September 6, 2014