Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Raspberries Are Ripe!

Last weekend was spectacular, starting with dinner at the Mermaid Cafe, followed by a show at the Granite Theater.  Dinner was on the upper deck while watching the sunset.  The play was The Hallelujah Girls which was clever, funny and well executed.  Much of the cast was also in a play by the same group of writers called The Dixie Swim Club and they seemed will suited for their roles.   They had the audience chuckling and singing along.

Saturday we picked gooseberries which are several weeks early since they usually ripen about July1. No complaints of course, especially since they are the biggest berries we have ever seen at Hangman Hill Road.  We are madly trying to finish the last of the frozen gooseberries from last year, which resulted in a gooseberry tart Sheri made with her birthday as an excuse (even though we had Birthday Cake from Betty's).

Saturday night while Bruno traveled to Freiburg Germany for work, Sheri was treated to dinner by Mark and Jen in celebration of her birthday at Ella's, the new restaurant in Westerly. The food and service was excellent. There was a unanimous vote that a second visit with Bruno when he returns was only fair.  Many thanks to Mark and Jen for a great evening.

On Sunday, Sheri picked the first of the raspberries.  The garden has done well thanks to a nice mix of rain and sun over the last few weeks.  The asparagus is still trickling in, and the lettuce is ready to pick.  The blueberries also are a little early, and are now covered with tulle and are a pale shade of purple. 

Sheri and Kokee met Paul Luner and Sierra at Haley Farm late Sunday morning for a walk followed by coffee at Mystic Market.  Haley Farm is a splendid place for a walk and we should remember to go there more often.  Kokee and Sierra got along great and we were just glad to have Kokee bouncing around having been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis last week.   It was great to catch up with Paul and have an update on the Luner family.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sheri's Birthday

We celebrated Sheri's birthday starting with breakfast that included rhubarb from the garden to accompany our granola.  After work we went to Westerly to attend a yoga class at the WYCY followed by dinner at Sheri's favorite restaurant in Watch Hill, The Olympia Tea Room.  Despite the variable weather and frequent rain showers we enjoyed a very nice sunset with our dinner.  The celebration was complete with a traditional English birthday cake from Betty's compliments of Nick and Pam.