Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bruno in England

Last week Bruno made a trip to the UK for work.  Despite a cancelled flight on the way there (thanks Delta) he was able to spend a short weekend with his family.  Lunch and a beer with Nick and Pam (his parents), and cream-tea with Dmitri, Julie, Bryony and Keira (his brother, sister-in-law, and nieces) were very much appreciated.  After that he spent 2-days in Cambridge and 2-days in Sandwich.  It rained for much of the week, so there were not too many photographic opportunities!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June Face of Produce

It is beautiful in Connecticut and we are enjoying some fruits from the garden!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sheri's Midwest Tour

It was Sheri's turn to travel to the Midwest during the first week of June.  She spent several days in West Lafayette, Indiana teaching at The School of Pharmacy at Purdue University. This trip included her annual stay with the Owens-Taylor clan.  In the evenings she enjoyed time with Anja, Isabelle, Connor and Daisy.  Activities included reading books, playing hide and seek, walks with Daisy and a few games of Hangman with Anja.  She even got to do some gardening in-between games and books.

On Friday Sheri travelled with Lynne and Paul to Madison, Wisconsin to celebrate the 75th Birthday of George Zografi.  George was Sheri's professor at UW, and an advisor to Bruno during his postdoctoral studies.  The weekend was full of activities which began with drinks and dinner at The Great Dane Brew Pub.  The weekend also included a visit with Julie (a member of the Brown House and a friend of Paul and Lynne), a trip to the Farmer's Market with Lynne, lunch at Buraka, an Ethiopian restaurant that legendary (according to Lynne and Sheri), an afternoon drinking beer on the terrace and a celebration at George and Dorothy's home with the extended "Zografi family".  It was a great chance for Sheri to catch up with former classmates in Madison and many others with whom she is connected through Professor Zografi.  The weather could not have been better, and the only thing lacking was a little more time to see some other friends, and perhaps one more trip to Buraka for Misirwot.  You can also check out Paul's post on the weekend at this link

Sheri, Lynne and Sandy at The Great Dane

Farmer's Market

Lynne at the Farmer's Market

Julie and Henry

Lynne and Sheri on the Terrace

Lunch at Buraka on State Street

 Lynne and Paul on the Terrace

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Merry Month of May

The month of June seemed to arrive unexpectedly leaving us wondering what happened to the month of May.  It has been nearly onne month since our visit to Raleigh, and last blog post; it is hard to imagine what has kept us too busy to upate the Blog.  So here is a quick update on what we have been doing:

Bruno traveled to Wisconsin to teach a course at UW which gave him the chance to visit Eric in Jo in their new home in Milwaukee.  They are settling in and have found a nice place near the lake and close to the University.  He also had lunch with George Zografi, and a nice visit with long-time friends Mike and Sue.

We enjoyed a very nice evening out with our friends Cindy and Ted at the Ocean House.  We thought it would be good to kick of the summer season and enjoy an evening in Watch Hill before the summer visitors arrive.  It was a lovely evening, and drinks, food and the company all were excellent.

The month of May brought a lot of rain and mild temperatures which has been good for the plants in the garden, especially the weeds.  We elected to take an extra day for the Memorial Day weekend to allow time for weed management, to plant the last of the seedlings, paint the entryway, and rest (?).  We did take time out one night for a play at the Granite Theater which was a  hilarious comedy that left us chuckling as we walked out of the theater.

The garden news is that the strawberry harvest has begun.  Please send us your favorite strawberry recipes.