Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sheris Visit with Michael in Wyomi

Sheri spent a long weekend in Wyoming with her brother Michael. There wasn't much snow so they did a few walks locally; one had great views to the Uinta Mts. They also did some home renovations to progress the kitchen project. Michael is a good host, makes a mean fish taco and his stir-fry is worthy of a return visit.

Walk in Evanston,WY

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mini Winter Vacation

A few weeks ago we took some time off from work for our annual winter vacation.  This year we stayed local (New Hampshire) as the best snow conditions have been here at home on the east coast.  We also kept it short (4 days), so that we can spend time on a kitchen rennovation at our chalet later in the year.

We warmed-up with two days of cross-country skiing on the high-level trails in Jackson (near Prospect Farm & Hall's Ledge).  We finished up with a day of snowboarding at Attitash Mountain because we drive by frequently but we had never been there to 'board before.  In between these activities we explored the snow/ice carving competition that was being held in Jackson near the town park. The competition took place over several days and nights, and was quite amazing.  A few photos below show the highlights of our trip.

 Just getting started...

 the competition begins...

 A perfect day

 On the trail again

 Day 2

 I could almost drink this....

 Will this be the winner?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Wildcat Valley Trail

Last weekend we decided to celebrate Bruno's upcoming birthday with a backcountry ski adventure.  

Ever since skiing in New Hampshire in the early 2000's we had wanted to try out the Wildcat Valley trail from the top of Wildcat Mountain into the town of Jackson.  This ungroomed trail drops off the backside of the downhill ski area and descends nearly 2500' to the valley.  

It was snowing when we awoke on Sunday morning and we were the first party on the trail.  After icy drop-in the trail was superb skiing for the first few miles.  We were soon overtaken by another party who seemed to be in a hurry for fresh tracks, but after that we had the trail to ourselves.  In places the trail was steep and hardpacked, and a little too fast for our skiing abilities!  Hence we had a few ungracious wipe-outs and more swearing than would be normally accepted on a Sunday.  Despite this we had a good time and made very fast time. 

The last few miles to the road at Dana Place were rather tortuous as the trail had begun to fall apart under the previous weeks warm weather and the combination of large holes and an icy crust did not make for smooth, fast, or graceful progress.  We did make it back to the car in less than guidebook time and we finished up our adventure with lunch at the trailhead.

I think that a return visit may be in order next year after we have taken a few lessons to sharpen up our telemark turns!


 On the trail

 Humor in the woods...
Getting near to the end

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friday at the Hermitage club

Last Friday we took a day off from work with a few Pfizer colleagues to enjoy a perfect winter day on the ski slopes. We were lucky to be invited as guests to go to the Hermitage club in southern Vermont.  This is the former Haystacks Moutain that has been tastefully converted into a private ski-hill / country club.  The conditions were great and the slopes were very quiet, so we spent a full day getting in lots of long uninterupted runs on our snowboards. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Powder day

Another 10" of light fluffy snow fell at Hangman Hill on Thursday. This means Friday is a day to ride. We are headed to the hills with some friends to make a few turns. Thanks to Mark for plowing so we could get an early start!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another snow storm

We received another 3" of snow overnight, and it is still coming down. This is quite the winter we are having! Even our flamingo has a bluish tinge...