Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sardinia - a bushwhack to the shepherds house

We awoke the next day to the sound of heavy rain on the roof of our shelter.  This event had been in the forecast, but none of us could really believe that it was raining so hard.  Sardinia is usually dry and hot, and this was not welcome news.

After a quick breakfast we packed up and awaited instructions from our guide. He had hiked to a nearby overlook where he had cellphone reception, and he managed to make some changes to our itinerary.  We learned that we would spend the day hiking to a nearby shepherd's house where we could shelter from the rain and enjoy a traditional Sardinian meal in the evening.  We would get wet during the day, but we would have a dry place to sleep that night.

The hike was uneventful and followed dirt roads through the woodlands.  As we got close to the shepherd's house (after 10+miles of hiking) Michele suggested that we take a short cut.  This involved scrambling up steep rock faces, crawling under small thorny trees on our hands-and-knees, and bushwhacking through an impenetrable forest in the pouring rain!  Needless to say we were cold, wet and tired when we arrived at the shepherds house.  The food and wine that awaited us tasted so much better because of our 'shortcut'!

The traditional shepherd's house

Lots of handcrafted woodwork inside

Goat roasting on the open hearth

A fantastic meal of salad, local pasta, roasted goat, and home-made ricotta and honey for dessert

Our bedroom for the night

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