Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Long Week

We enjoyed a delightful evening on the beach with Mark and Jen on Friday night.  It was a cool and quiet evening. We had most of the beach to ourselves since many of the summer visitors seem to be headed home.  We had a quick swim (partly due to lots of seaweed), followed by a picnic of sandwiches and other goodies from Sandy's Market in Westerly.  

The evening was a great way to unwind after learning about the 50% reduction in employees in our department at work.  We were relieved to learn that we both still have jobs, but also very sad that good friends and colleagues who we have enjoyed working with for over ten years will be leaving in the next few months.   With heavy hearts we focused this week on taking some walks with Kokee, spending time in the garden and taking in this peaceful setting on Hangman Hill.  We are also grateful to have our friendship with Mark and Jen who have been so supportive.  They are always willing to head to the beach, take a walk or share a great meal...oh and dig holes with a tractor.

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