Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene - the aftermath

Monday has dawned as a beautiful day. It's bright and sunny. We've had a good nights sleep after going to bed at sundown.

We've seen enough tree damage that we don't expect to get power back for several days (best case). Last night we moved our freezer full of garden produce to Mark and Jen's garage and plugged into their generator. Once again we owe them a big "thank you" for their help.

No power means no water when you live with a 250' deep well. So, we expect to take showers at work for the foreseeable future. It was good that we remembered to fill the bathtub with water before we went to bed on Saturday night. At least we can still flush!

This will be the situation for the next few days. It's a good thing that we are experienced campers! If we can charge our cellphones at work we will keep on posting blog updates as the week progresses. Needless to say our landline doesn't work!

Stay tuned!

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