Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spruce Street - bricklaying and sanding, sanding, sanding

Work at Spruce Street is steady. The progress report to date: bricks filled in chimney (where oven and really ugly mantle used to be), sub floor replaced and ready for new flooring in the kitchen, main floor (kitchen, living and dining) scraped, scraped some more and then sanded and sanded some more (READY TO PAINT!), the back yard has become a really nice place to be - post tree felling (have grass under foot and a blue sky above), the upstairs bedrooms and hallway have nicely refinished oak floors, and last but not least.... the mysterious SMELL seems to have dissipated (we hope for good).

Before tree felling October 2007

After tree felling - July 2008

More photos of Spruce Street for July

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