Monday, July 14, 2008

The Price of Oil at Spruce Street

Renovations at the house on Spruce Street continue with the landmark event of the removal of an old oil tank from the basement. The tank was filled with oil prior to purchase of the house only to discover the oil furnace was essentially dead. We made the decision to switch to a gas-powered furnace since gas was already plumbed for heating the water in the house.

The problem, what to do with ~100 gallons of oil and a smelly, old oil tank? We struck a deal with our friend Mark. He could have the oil in exchange for help with removal of the tank once emptied. After Mark siphoned the oil, in 5 gallon increments, he engineered a custom dolly that made quick work of a rusty old oil tank. We won't miss the smelly tank, but will miss Mark's visits and encouragement over the last month during his trips to Spruce Street to retrieve heating oil.

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Anonymous said...

At almost $5 a gallon for heating oil, and adjusting for Mark's modest effort, it'd seem Mark owes you $400......