Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moving Mulch

We have found that plenty of mulch in an organic garden is essential for healthy plants and veggies, and for keeping weeds under control. We were long overdue for a thick layer of mulch, so we had 10 yards delivered this week. That is a lot of mulch. Fortunately we have a friend with a backhoe. Mark, who was the engineer behind the oil removal at Spruce Street ( volunteered to help.

For those worried about what Mark owed us for the 100 gallons of heating oil.... we can sum it up this way.

The cost of ~100 gallons of oil....$400
The cost for a massage after moving mulch by hand (for 2)....$200
The cost of learning how to drive a backhoe.... PRICELESS!!!

You can see more photos of Bruno and Sheri driving a backhoe at the link....

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