Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yellow Buddleia

While Bruno is enjoying some time with his family over the weekend before attending a few minutes in Sandwich in Cambridge, Sheri is enjoying an ideal weekend of sunny skies and cool temperatures in CT. The garden update is a flowering yellow buddleia, finally! We came accross the yellow variety (Buddleia x weyeriana Honeycomb) while walking on the anceint walls surrounding the city of York in England and thought it would be a good addition to HH. These plants do well quite well in Connecticut, have a lovely-scent and look nice too, and most importantly they don't taste very good to deer. After several attempts, one has finally taken. I was having some help from my canine assistatant in trying to capture the photo. I never could have purposely posed Kokee and the yellow buddleia! The truth is her fascination with the plant is actually focus on the tennis ball that she is waiting with expectation for me to pitch to her. As they say on the right side of the Atlantic.... "Bob's your uncle!"

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Andrew said...

Great photo. Your canine assistant's giant wet tongue made me think of the caution they give at Seaworld... "Those of you in the first three rows will get wet!"