Thursday, August 2, 2007

August Sun

It is hard to believe it is August! Time does seem to go faster when skies are sunny, breezes are warm and days are long. We have been busy harvesting great things from the garden, catching rides on our bikes and enjoying a few G&T's on Bruno's fantastic new deck ( One evening last week we realized over dinner that we were enjoying plates loaded with veggies from our own garden, Swiss Chard in the Quiche, steamed potatoes, cabbage in the form of coleslaw, a side salad of yellow beets and salad greens, and stewed gooseberries for dessert. Without even trying, we were eating almost an entire meal from our garden. At the rate the hop is growing, even Bruno's homebrew will soon be laregly "homegrown". The hot summer days are starting to bring sunflowers, tomatoes and lots of flowers on the runner beans from Nick, Bruno's dad.

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