Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Short visit to England

We both traveled to the Pfizer site in Sandwich UK a few weeks ago for work. While in Sandwich we had very good weather and enjoyed an evening stroll around town. We walked by the river and on the stone town-wall (a medieval relic from the past that encircles the town).  We also were able to watch the locals enjoying an evening of lawn bowling.

This trip also gave us the chance to spend time on the weekend with Bruno's family.  We enjoyed a relaxing day in Solihull on Saturday and a day in Long Marston (where Bruno's brother Dmitri and family live) on Sunday. We were pleased to be able to spend time with Bryony and Keira  (Bruno's nieces) who will be coming to visit us later in the summer.  We have planned a number of activities that should be fun for all!

Lawn bowling in Sandwich UK

An evening walk by the river

The Bell Hotel (our room is on the ground floor)

Sunset in Sandwich

Dinner at Nuthurst Grange (nr Hockey Heath)

Dinner at Nuthurst Grange (nr Hockey Heath)

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