Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sandwich Dome via the Algonquin trail

A few weekends ago we were in New Hampshire and the weather was a little iffy, so we decided to do a low-level hike with "interesting" terrain.  Sandwich Dome is the highest peak that is less than 4000-feet, and it can be ascended by the Algonquin trail which is one of the optional hikes on the "Terrifying 25" list.  This seemed like the perfect objective for a early season hike.

We did a little online research to find the way to the trail head, and we dropped Zealand off at 'puppy day-care" promptly at 8am.  We then proceeded to drive south towards the Sandwich range, and onto the dirt road that would take us to the trail head.  The Sandwich Notch Road was quite an exciting drive with lots of drop-offs, narrow sections, and dodgy surface conditions!

Once we were on the hiking trail it was quite overgrown and during the winter a lot of trees had fallen down.  It had also rained heavily during the preceding 24-hours.  Hence, there was quite a bit of bushwhacking to do and in addition we found ourselves scrambling up the trail on steep wet rocks covered with moss and slime!

Eventually we emerged onto a series of rock ledges that gave us some good views of the Sandwich range and peaks beyond.  As we hiked higher the views got better and we were able to sit in the sun and dry off a little.  Finally we reached the summit in time for a late lunch and to meet the first fellow-hikers of the day.

The route back to the car was a reverse of the way up, and it was equally exciting!  Fortunately we avoided seeing any bugs (black flies & mosquitos) which are often prevalent at this time of year, and we made it back to the car in time to pick up Zealand before the doggie day-care closed!

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