Thursday, June 25, 2015

Progress on the kitchen in New Hampshire

Bug season is in full swing in New Hampshire, so we have been focused on the kitchen renovation and only making short trips out into the wilderness.  Hence, the kitchen is coming along quite nicely and should be completed before the next ski season!

 In early June we received a shipment of cabinets - over 50 boxes in total!

After re-routing some wires and cutting a hole in the outside wall for the extractor fan ducting we were ready to get started.

We had help installing the new tiles while we were at work in Connecticut.

We began (and got warmed up) by installing the wall cabinets.

The new hood and the base cabinets were installed next.....

Of course this involved cutting holes in the new cabinets.....

...and making sure that they are attached firmly to the walls...

..and to the floor. 

Not forgetting, of course, to keep everything perfectly level at all stages of the installation!

Next trip up north we will be building an island and a buffet in anticipation of new counters which should arrive in early July.

Hopefully we will be able to reclaim our dining room and living room soon, and we may even be able to graduate from eating off paper plates to real dishes before the summer is over!

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