Friday, June 5, 2015

Gardening season

One of our pressing projects for 2015 was to rebuild the raised beds that we have been using to grow our summer veggies. The original wooden ones had started to rot away, so we decided to upgrade to a more long lasting solution made with stackable concrete blocks. 

The blocks were delivered and we employed two local lads to move them up to the garden (to save our backs).

Then we had the fun of moving around the old rotten wooden beams, shoveling lots of the dirt, and building the replacement beds. 

So far we have completed about fifty recent of the project and we are taking a well earned rest. 

Finally, we installed a drip irrigation system to ensure that the plants are well watered. And of course it rained for the next three days....

1 comment:

Jo and Eric said...

New beds look great. Glad you found someone to cart all the blocks for you. Hope Bruno is recovering from MMS (Missing Madison Syndrome).