Monday, December 24, 2012

And finally, we made it to the fourteenth day

Happy Christmas Eve!  

We made it to the fourteenth day without any problem, although there were times when we wondered where the next blog posting was coming from.

To celebrate Christmas Eve we decided that we'd have a nice evening at home enjoying a home cooked and locally grown meal.  We began with a cocktail invented by Sheri called "Santa's Hat".  It consists of a glass of prosecco with a little pomegranate juice added.

Our menu was Shepherd's Pie made with lamb from Terra Firma Farm in Stonington (see also Day #12) and Brussels Sprouts harvested from our garden earlier today.  The meal was completed with a serving of Betty's Christmas Pudding (see Day #7) with cream.

And what did we have fourteen of you wonder?   Well, Brussels Sprouts of course.  Just enough to make a star for Christmas Eve.

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