Sunday, December 23, 2012

13th day - unlucky for some......but not us!

On the 13th Day of Christmas my blog gave to me.....a Solstice Party at HHR

Tonight we celebrated the solstice with a lunar/solar themed dinner party.  Jen and Mark joined us to eat home-made pizza's adorned with thirteen different types of topping, and we carefully arranged the toppings according to the ways of the ancient druids.

List of favorite pizza toppings for the solstice

  1. Lots of cheese (Mozzarella and Romano of course)
  2. Tomato sauce (from our garden, and frozen for the last few months)
  3. Anchovies (to keep away the vampires)
  4. Black olives (to keep away the werewolves)
  5. Capers (to counteract the anchovies)
  6. Pepperoni (the best in Westerly)
  7. Mushrooms (no magic ones here)
  8. Fig compote (Sheri's special ingredient)
  9. Proscutio (finely sliced ham)
  10. Spinach (to keep things healthy and organic)
  11. Red onions (why not, eh?)
  12. Italian herbs
  13. Even more cheese (goat cheese this time)

 Each pizza looked like a mini stonehenge, or was it a full moon?  After a few glasses of red wine and some special winter homebrew it was hard to tell!

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