Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Preparations

This morning the options for today's activity included Christmas shopping at Providence Place or cutting our own Christmas tree at one of the local farms in the driving rain.  Those of you who know us well will guess correctly the decision we made...  It only took a brief break in the raindrops just as we were Providence bound to choose to go Christmas tree hunting.  We were lucky to find Pendleton Hill Tree Farm, only a few miles down the road, was selling trees despite the rain.  We found the best tree ever and enjoyed a cup of coffee with some very friendly neighbors.  We managed to get the tree in the house before the deluge returned.   We are relaxing in front of a decorated tree and hoping we won't spend the evening with the shop-vac given a current rainfall rate at 2" per hour.  Let it snow,  let it snow,  let it snow...

1 comment:

Nimwen said...

Oh, sure, now you're making us feel bad. Here we sit in our totally tree-less house because we were too wimpy to sneak between the raindrops with you. At least we can enjoy yours vicariously - it looks great!
- Jen