Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Telluride: Sun, Snow and Sleep

We spent a great week in Telluride, Colorado, which is located in the southewest corner of the state.  We arrived just in time for fresh snow, which gave us the chance to do some low altitude XC skiing and aclimitizing the first day. The rest of the week was bright and sunny.  We enjoyed excellent spring skiing conditions, excellent views and enjoyed exploring the surrounding area.  Our friend Gene has been telling us for years we should go to Telluride, we would love it.  As always, his advice was good.  You can see a few photos from the trip, click here.  We had a great condo with amazing views, and a hot tub that really helped after long days on snowboards.   This time around we rented a car with 4-wheel drive so we don't have any epic stories about rescues from Deputy Sherrifs. We did have a harrowing trip back to Montrose in a terrific snowstorm to catch a plane .  If only we had one more day for another powder day.  Great views, nice town, good food, and if you go the 2nd week in March, you will enjoy the company of a lot of Texans!

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