Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Flooding on the Hill

Despite living here, on Hangman Hill, we have a completely flooded basement for the first time.  After nearly 15" of rain in the last two weeks we lost the battle with the last 8" that has fallen in 36 hours.   Fortunately it is is only 2" and below the level of the "blocks" that most things sit upon in case this happens.  Even our friends Mark and Jen who claim to be even higher up on Hangman Hill are to be in the same "boat".  Flooding in the local area is severe, and many roads are closed.  We have a friend in Stonington, which is closer to the ocean, that had 12" in her basement before the fire brigade came to the rescue.  We are happy with what we have, so to speak.  The wet-vac is calling...

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