Saturday, April 25, 2009

Junior Brown at the Iron Horse Cafe

On Friday night we traveled to Northampton, MA to see Junior Brown play at the Iron Horse Cafe. This was a birthday present for Bruno from earlier in the year.

Junior plays a double-necked guitar that he invented (called his "guit-steel"). The top neck on the guit-steel is a traditional 6-string guitar, while the lower neck is a full-size lapsteel guitar for slide playing.

You can read more about Junior at Even better, you can listen to Junior on the guit-steel

We enjoyed strolling around Northampton on the first warm evening for a long time. Usually we stop in Northampton en route to our Vermont ski weekends, so it was nice to spend some time unencumbered by thick coats, woolly hats, and mittens. Our stay at Hotel Northampton (below) was a treat too.

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