Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sardinia - the end of the Selvaggio Blu Extreme

The weather on Day-8 was even better than the day before, and we were able to travel by boat to the trailhead because the seas were much calmer.  On the  way we saw lots of impressive limestone cliffs and a rare waterfall, and we were dropped off on a beautiful beach to start the day's hike.

The hike started with a steep climb up, a traverse along narrow ledges, followed by some more climbing, and more traversing high above the ocean. We saw a wild boar (no one got a photo) and lots of goats.

To finish the day we rappelled over an overhanging cliff back down to a secluded beach with clear blue water.  The sun shone and we enjoyed relaxing on the beach before being picked up by the boat and ferried back to town.

Once we were back in town we celebrated our trip with few beers down by the harbor.

Cliffs seen from the boat

The path up from the beach

Traversing along the ledges

 A narrow squeeze 

More ledges...

....and more traversing

Preparing to rappel to the sea

On the way down
At the beach
Back at the harbor

Enjoying a few beers at the harbor

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