Friday, April 20, 2018

Weekend in a Pittsburgh

We traveled to Sheri's hometown of Pittsburgh to visit family and friends a see the premier of Up and Away. Up and Away is a new musical co-writer by a friend of Sheri, Kristin Bair.

The weekend began with unseasonably warm weather so we strolled around downtown Pittsburgh.

Friday evening we caught up with Kristin herself, and mutual friends Maureen and Brian Ferguson. We had a drink at the Renaissance Hotel followed by a nice dinner at a Cajun Restaurant at Market Square.

Saturday we visited the Heinz (of Ketchup fame) History Museum with Mike and DiAnn. It was great to learn about the history of glass making, medical advancements and culture of the city.

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner with friends and family before the show at a fun Italian Restaurant. The show Up and Away was fast-paced, hilarious and lots of fun watching 5 actors play the roles of 30 characters. We were impressed and enjoyed meeting the actors with Kristin after the play. We hope to see it in NYC next!

Sunday morning we took a stroll in the "Strip". In the afternoon relaxed with the Boraskys (Jenny, Mike's daughter, Bobby and their kids) at their new home in the north hills.

It was a relaxing weekend and we enjoyed seeing friends, family and time in the city of Pittsburgh.

Traditional photo with Franco Harris

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