Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mt Willey via Kedron Flume

We combined the Terrifying 25 and NH 48 4000' lists to map an adventurous route to Mt Willey. The approach to Willey from the south via the Kedron flume which connects to the Willey Range Trail with a short distance on the AZ trail.

The Kedron flume offers a beautiful water feature and a bit of a scramble. Near the flume autumn color was starting to show with some red and yellows.

The Avalon-Zealand or "AZ" trail is the Appalachian trail. We met a very lively couple from Wisconsin on the AT and then a gregarious through hiker. It is always fun to meet the through hikers this time of year. The Nobos (northbounders) are in striking distance to Katahdin and are energized and very happy for an apple or fresh food.

After linking to Wiley Ridge Trail there is a steep climb to the summit of Mt Willey. In one steep section there are ladders, which gives this trail the "terrifying" status. We found the ladders fun and a nice change from climbing over rocks.

While the summit is tree covered, there are nice views on two ledges, one to the south and one to the north of the summit. We enjoyed lunch at the south vista with views of Webster Cliffs and Mts Webster and Jackson.

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