Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hiking in Evans Notch: Blueberry Hill

On Saturday April 22,  March for Science and Earth Day, we were in Fryeburg Maine visiting with our 5-week old puppy.  Since we were so close to the Evan's Notch area we decided to hike to Blueberry Mountain.  We have wanted to hike in the Evan's Notch area for sometime.  It is a bit of a drive from our Chalet in Intervale.  Also, many hikes in Evan's Notch  are inaccessible in the winter, and still were on this day in April.  However, the trail to Blueberry was accessible and was an obvious choice for the day.  

We fueled up with coffee in Stow, ME at the General Store. You can't miss it, it is right in the center of town.  The coffee was fresh, the proprieter friendly and the baked goods tempting.  At the trail head, which was still under a little snow we set off with our microspikes and a light lunch in our packs.. We never needed the microspikes but the lunch was welcome at the summit wich afforded views of trees within a 10ft range.  

Although the day wasn't as clear as we hoped, there was a lot to keep us interested at low level, streams, rocky ledges and a gorge that was full with rushing waters from snow and ice melt at higher elevations.  The large pool at the end of the gorge was beautiful and would be a great place for a swim on a warmer day.  We plan to make a return trip in the summer on a clear day with a puppy who would love a swim!

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