Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kokee on the Mend

Kokee had surgery just over two weeks ago to repair a torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament (ACL in humans).  The repair went well according to her surgeon, and her knee had no sign of cartilage damage or arthritis.  This all makes for a good prognosis for a return to her normal activity level.  The stress of the surgery however kept her in the hospital a little longer than expected so she could recover from severe anemia and diarrhea.   We were very happy to have her home after nearly a week in the hospital.

Since she has been home Kokee has been a trooper. We walk her with a leash and use a sling to support her body weight.  She is limited to 5 minute walks 2-3 times a day. She has been a willing patient, taking meds, allowing us to ice her knee a few times a day and is accepting that she is confined to our office which has a carpeted floor to keep her from slipping.  Oh, and the cone of shame... she has been tolerant of that too!

 Koke in her recovery room at Hangman Hill

Icing the joint 

The start of week 3 of her recovery means slightly longer walks, using the sling only on slippery surfaces.  She also had her sutures removed.  We found some "sticky" socks for her so she is starting to roam around the first floor of the house which means she has access to her favorite spot looking out the sliding glass door at the birdhouse and with views to the adjacent fields where the deer roam.

No slip socks for roaming

Kokee's recovery room in the chalet even has a bed!
There may be no going back to the dog bed on the floor?

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