Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas in New Hampshire

Merry Christmas!  We celebrated a quiet Christmas in New Hampshire with record breaking temperatures and clear skies.  

Fueled by pastries from the Vintage Baking Co we traveled to Gorham NH to hike Pine Mountain. The description of the short loop hike goes something like "incredible 360 views with very little effort". Indeed it was a great little hike, and a perfect return to hiking in the White Mountains following seven weeks of recuperation for Sheri.   We had incredible views to Mt Washington and to Mt Moriah.

We spent Christmas afternoon opening gifts from friends, family and each other while drinking mulled wine.  We had a simple dinner of salad, Christmas quiche (new tradition?), and Christmas cake (Sheri's first attempt at an old tradition). Many thanks to our families for the thoughtful, creative and useful gifts and best wishes to all. We hope you are enjoying some special time with friends and family and doing what you enjoy.

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