Monday, September 7, 2015

Mt Jefferson via Castle Ravine (ascent) and Castle Ridge (descent)

On Saturday we had a spectatacular day in the White Mountains and hiked to the summit of Mt Jefferson.  On the way up we took the scenic but strenuous Castle Ravine trail with its many waterfalls and rock formations.  For the descent we followed the castellated ridge that forms one side of the ravine.  We were a little over guidebook time on the way out, but made up for it on the way home and we were home in time for tea.  It was a very quiet trail and we saw fewer than 10 people on the path all day (the summit which intersects with other paths was a different story however).

The trail markers were very clear on this route.

A glimpse of the ridge on our way up the ravine

Sheri working hard on the trail

The Castle Ridge

Summit of Mt Jefferson (with bugs and lots of people!)

The way down

The view from the trail-head of Castel Ravine (center) and Castle Ridge (right skyline)

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