Monday, October 10, 2011

We were happy to be back in Keene NY for an amazing fall weekend.   We enjoyed Indian summer weather with clear sunny skies, temperatures in the 80's during the day and mild evenings.  We were pleased to see that Keene Valley and Keene were recovering after some devastating floods as a result of the heavy rains brought by Hurricane Irene.   We were shocked to arrive at Styles Brook Road, our turn for Keene Farm,  and find it completely gone.  Thankfully some kind neighbors allowed a temporary road through their property to provide access to the farm and the properties that still remained along the road.  It is hard to imagine a "brook" could do some much damage, including washing away several homes.  

We arrived early enough on Friday to claim our favorite spot at Keene Farm, set up camp and enjoy a peaceful late afternoon cup of tea.  We spent the weekend with friends we haven't seen since last fall when we celebrated Andrew and Brenda's nuptials at this same spot.  Many thanks to Martin, Michelle, Allison and Katrina, The Rogers Family, and Brian Kinzie for coming down for the weekend.  We did some great hiking during the day and enjoyed peak colors across the High Peaks region.   The evenings were very mild and suitable for dinner and the usual festivities including plenty of singing accompanied by Martin on guitar and many others on the ukulele.  The highlight of the weekend was a surprise visit from Andrew and Brenda who were there "in spirit" all the way from Kelowna!

Downtown Keene NY

Back at Keene Farm

Styles Brook Road: End of Pavement
Styles Brook rerouted by Irene

Baxter Mt

Sunset from Keene Farm Ledges

Andrew and Brenda "in spirit"

You can see more photos here

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Andrew said...

Our spirits were consuming spirits! I wish we could have been there with you in person.