Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brian's Back: Tree Trimming at Hangman Hill

We first met Brian when he helped us remove some very large trees at the property Spruce Street.  While the impact of removing some very large trees on leaf raking was minimal, it opened up the yard and brought more natural light into the house.  Hopefully we have reduced the chances for a hurricane to place a large tree on the roof as an added benefit!

We realized that at Hangman Hill there were a lot of dead trees around the perimeter of the property.  While these trees don't threaten our house, we hoped it would make Darren's efforts to keep the lawn cut significantly easier (and safer!).  In addition the aim was to help some young Redbud and Damson Plum trees that currently are dwarfed by some rather unremarkable trees.

See some more photos here.

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