Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beach Bums

The weather was nearly perfect again this weekend.  We enjoyed a picnic and sunset at the beach with Mark and Jen at Misquamicut.  It was a great evening, the swimming was good, we enjoyed a picnic from Sandy's Market and watched some  surfers make the most of the waves as the sun was setting.

The garden continues to keep us busy and enjoying lots of fresh food.  The okra are particularly impressive this year.  The plants are nearly 4' high and producing red and green okra.  The okra flower is beautiful and we have been enjoying just frying the okra when it matures in a little butter.

On Sunday, while having lunch in the orchard at the picnic table we inherited when we bought the house, we discovered the plum tree that we inherited when we bought the house was covered with plums!  We harvested them and have already enjoyed plum cake, plum crisp and are having stewed plums for breakfast tomorrow.

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