Friday, July 3, 2009

Wild, wild weather

The month of June was cooler and wetter than we'd like, but this Wednesday (July 1) really clinched it when we received 6" of rain within 4 hours. Along with the rain came some heavy thunderstorms that hit the cable pole at the end of our driveway leaving in it's "wake" the cable, modem, TV (we just use it for DVD's, really!) and Invisible Fence that keeps Kokee in her "playground" at Hangman Hill.

We discovered the pet fence first while shoveling the driveway out the street back into the driveway and noticed Kokee was right there with us. After bailing water out of the basement we found the lack of Internet access when trying to assess collateral damage around town (news online of course). We later discovered the TV was dead when trying to diagnose the cable internet connection (before seeing the wires at the end of the street you see).

The return of high speed Internet access at home is uncertain due to the collateral damage in the area, which was severe as captured in photos from the local papers. Westerly, Mystic and Stonington were the worst areas affected (due to most rain and proximity to sea level). We have neighbors with basements still underwater and or that are recovering from fires within their homes due to lightning strikes, so we are pretty happy to be so well off.
We did enjoy a dry evening at Jonathon Edwards Winery last night with a bottle of wine and tunes from the Paul Brockette Road Show (more when we are back online).

Intersection of Spruce Street and Narragansett Ave in Westerly
2 blocks DOWN hill from 25 Spruce Street!
photo by David Smith, The Sun

Mystic Aquarium parking lot
photo by Laura Stroebel, The Day

Mystic Aquarium
photo by Laura Stroebel, The Day

Wilcox Park in Westerly
Daniel Highland, The Sun

Route 1 in Stonington
photo by Tim Martin, The Day

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