Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Cheer

We are enjoying our holiday at home. We spoke to many relatives on friends on Christmas day, opened some jolly gifts and had dinner with the Panosky's. It was great to see the extended Panosky family, and as usual the food (Jen) and service (Mark) was amazing!

Our time away from work has been spent with some brisk walks, cooking, meals with friends and some prep work on the den at Spruce Street. Rumor has it we might start painting tomorrow. We enjoyed having Gene and Kathy for dinner on Boxing Day and feasted on Greek-style sausages, complimented with dolmades, olives and roast potatoes. We also enjoyed a dinner with the Panosky's and the Shalaev's for dinner. Sheri is making Chicken Tagine and Bruno has made some spectacular brandy baskets that will be served with blueberries from the Garden.

We have been spending some time at Spruce Street as well, we will send some photos soon. It has been fun to see the house with a fresh coat of paint in the snow. It almost looks ready to rent.

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