Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tune of the month

So here it is .....the start of a new feature on our blog...."Tune of the month".
Let us explain. We don't often watch TV; instead listening to music is a big part of our daily lives. So the radio and IPOD accompany us wherever we go, and our CD collection is ever expanding.

Our blog shares the 'script' of our lives, but now you can also hear part of the soundtrack too (sorry - very corny). That is, once in a while we'll be sharing what's currently playing on our CD player.

This month's featured artist is Langhorne Slim (pictured above), who we have recently adopted in honor of Sheri's birthday (when CDs are an obligatory part of the gift giving). We hope you like him.

And on the flip side we're getting nostalgic with the ever popular John Prine. Enjoy!

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