Thursday, October 18, 2007

October Face of Produce

We continue to enjoy an "Indian Summer" (or Global Warming?) with temperatures in the 70's, and and PRODUCE galore. Tomatoes (ripening on the vine!), cukes, eggplant and jalepeno peppers come together for the October Face of Produce. Yes, October and the third week at that! The leaves are the peak of color here in Southeastern CT and we had a salad of greens, cukes and toms from the garden. We feel lucky to have hit the peak of color in New Hampshire and Vermont two weeks ago, in northern CT last weekend, and here at home this week. We are now provisional members of the Thames Ski Lodge so we are Vermont-bound this weekend to join the work crew to ready the place for ski season. It is hard to fathom cruising down the slope on a snowboard when you are sitting here in shorts and tees. It will be good to see how the colors have progressed up north after two weeks, though.

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