Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sheri's Dad, Jerry Shamblin

Jerry, Sheri's Dad, passed away last week after developing multiple pulmonary emobli.  Jerry had been suffering from dementia over the last several years, and refused the recommended treatment which was a complicated surgery.  He passed away while in Hopsice care at his home several days after the diagnosis. 

Sheri travleled to Colorado to be with her sister Kerry, brother-in-law Brandon, and brother MIcheal (who traveled from his home in Salt Lake City) so they could spend time remembering their Dad.  They shared funny stories and took a nice walk in one of Jerry's favorite places Rocky Mountain National Park.  As a tribute to Jerry and his love for Westerns they took a horseback ride at the historic Elkhorn Lodge and Guest Ranch in Estes Park.  Spending time together in the outdoors is exactly how Jerry would have wanted his kids to honor and remember his spirit.

Sheri had a visit with Jerry in May, and is very grateful for that time with him.  He was really happy to be living in Colorado with Kerry and Brandon.  We are grateful to Brandon and Kerry for the love and care they gave Jerry.

You can find the obituary for Jerry at this link.

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