Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sheri's visits Colorado

Sheri traveled to Estes Park, Colorado a few weekends ago to spend time with Kerry, Brandon, Jerry and DiAnn (who flew in from Raleigh).  She started the visit taking a a tour with New Venture Cycling. The tour starts at the top of Rainbow Curve in Rocky Mountain National Park and affords stunning views in all directions with a fun ride all the way back to the park entrance.  Brandon and Kerry are fantastic guides, and offer fascinating history about Estes, the Stanleys and the local geology, flora and fauna.

Sheri and her Dad spent time touring Rocky Mountain National Park and relaxing in various place in Estes Park.  She also enjoyed the time with her mom staying at Murphy's River Lodge which is a short walk to where Kerry, Brandon and Jerry live, and into town. It is also a popular spot for the Elk to graze.  Highlights also included a dinner at the Stanley Hotel with Kerry and DiAnn (girls night out!) and a hike to Deer Mountain with Brandon and Kerry.  It was short but very sweet visit.

A popular accommodation in Estes Park

Dinner at the Stanley Hotel

Sheri and Jerry spend time in Rocky Montain National Park

Kerry and Sheri on to po Deer Mountain

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