Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our week in Madison...

We traveled to Madison to attend the annual Land O' Lakes Conference.  This year was the 50th anniversary of this conference that was also a tribute to Professor George Zografi. We met one another while we were working with Professor Zografi at the School of Pharmacy at UW-Madison. We were honored to be invited speakers at the conference and very much enjoyed being part of the celebration.

We spent some extra time in Madison which gave us the opportunity to catch up with many friends. We started the weekend with a visit with Joann and Eric who traveled from Milwaukee so we could catch up. We had a nice breakfast that included donuts (we were in Wisconsin) followed by a very long walk. We walked the Lake Shore path to Picnic Point and back to the Capital Square where Eric and Jo have an apartment.  There we had a birthday celebration with cupcakes made by Eric.  Sheri also received a V05 (80's cover band that includes Drew, keep reading to learn more about Drew) T-shirt and a flower for our garden (made by Eric).

We had several trips to the terrace and enjoyed meeting with the members of our Zografi family on Saturday afternoon.  It was nice to catch up with those we spent time with while we were in Madison, and even some former colleagues from Pfizer.  The gathering on the terrace rolled into a dinner at the Great Dane Brew Pub where we enjoyed a nice meal in the beer garden.

Sunday was a relaxed day starting with brunch at the home of one of George's students who lives just outside of Madison. In the late afternoon we met our Brown House Family for a really nice cookout hosted by Julie and Craig.   Sheri lived with Drew, Julie and Niels in ...yes a big brown house for 3+ years while she was studying in Madison.  It was great to spend time together, see the kids growing up, and as the true tradition of the Brown House, enjoy great food, including fresh greens from Niels' garden.

The conference began on Monday which kept us very busy the rest of the week. Monday evening following the first lectures we celebrated Sheri's birthday at the "Study Pub" at the Fluno Center with friends including Jayne, Sandy, Mehran, Paul (not pictured) and Lynne (not pictured).

We did take another break on Wednesday evening to visit with Mike and Sue Capp. Mike and Sue now live on the west side in a beautiful neighborhood.  Mike is a fabulous cook and it was nice to have a home cooked meal. Sue gave us a tour of their garden, and we did a nice walk after dinner.  We also enjoyed some live music with Sue on Piano, Mike on a cigar box guitar and Sheri on a cigar box ukulele

It was great to be in Madison and enjoy all that it offers and see some really good friends. It is also nice to be home.

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