Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mounts Adams and Madison

Last Sunday was a perfect day in New Hampshire and a great opportunity for us to hike on the high peaks.  We got up early and were on the Airline Trail to Mount Adams (5793') by 8am.  The trail steadily climbs up a ridge and emerges from the trees at about 4000-feet.  The last part of the hike continues up the rocky upper part of the ridge and eventually crosses a boulder field to the summit.  We were treated to great views and we were on the summit by 11.30am.

From Mt Adams we travelled down to the col with Mt Madison and enjoyed our lunch at the AMC Madison Springs hut.  The hut was full of teenagers when we arrived but it soon emptied out and we were able to have a relaxing meal with a great view and no bugs!

From the hut we ascended the ridge to Mt Madison ((5367') and then headed back northward to the trailhead via the Watson and Brookline trails.  The Watson path stays above treeline for quite a while, and then drops into a steep valley with picturesque waterfalls and pools.  We stopped by one pool to enjoy afternoon tea and a sticky bun, and then we completed our hike getting back to the car at about 4.45pm. 

On the trail again

Looking across the King Ravine 
(Can you spot the hut on the ridge?)

The ridge to Mt Adams

Looking down on the AMC Madison Springs Hut


At the summit of Mt Madison

Waterfalls on our descent

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