Sunday, May 31, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend: Part 2

To complete a short but action-packed stay in Madison, we toured Eric and Jo's new condo in Madison which is just of the capital square. It is a fantastic location with views of the lakes and of the Capital.  We look forward to hearing about their renovations and ultimately staying with them in Madison once Jo retires.

In Milwaukee we took many walks, including  a walk to a city park on Lake Michigan for a kite festival.  It was nice to relax and enjoy the sunshine.  We also did a morning walk on Sunday that offered glimpses of Lake Michigan and plenty of flowers.  Milwaukee has an amazing number of parks, with a great deal of access to the waterfront  One of the best uses of the local parks is turning them into beer gardens. The beer gardens are sprinkled throughout the city and only a short drive (or bike ride) from where Jo and Eric live.   On a sunny Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we found the first garden to be teaming with thirsty cheeseheads, but the second garden was quiet and relaxing.

The best part of our visit to Milwaukee was just spending time with Eric and Jo, we miss having them in CT.  They are wonderful friends, and it was nice to have a time with them to enjoy life's simple pleasures.  They are also fantastic hosts.  Eric cooked dinner two evenings, apparently his has been honing his culinary skills since his retirement.  One night for dinner he made the best ribs we have ever had , and a fantastic pasta dish the other night.  Jo sent us home on Monday with our bellies full of Creme Brûlée French Toast.  We enjoyed relaxing walks, card games and just catching up our future travel plans, families and of course the ever-present topic of when "Bruno and Sheri are moving back to Madison".

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