Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vacation in New Hampshire

We spent the very last week of July on vacation in New Hampshire with our good friends Eric and Jo.   They travelled all the way from Wisconsin to stay with us at our mountain chalet (many thanks!) and to enjoy all of the fun activities in the area.

We started off on the first day with a short hike up to Black Cap mountain to enjoy the views, on a bug-free sunny day.  This was followed by dinner out at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

The next day was a little rainy so we went out for breakfast in North Conway, caught up on news, did a jigsaw puzzle, drank cocktails, made several trips to the hardware store, and planned the rest of the week's activities.

Once the weather cleared we had fun taking a zip-line ride and a gondola trip to the top of Wildcat Mountain (we clearly need to return with snowboards later in the year).  The day was completed by taking the easy way to the top of Mount Washington (by driving) and eating ice-cream at the Willey House near Crawford Notch.

By this point in the week we were fully warmed up, so we hiked the Moat Mountain ridge finishing up at a local waterfall (Diana's Baths) for a cool swim (for Kokee mostly).  We ate lots of blueberries on the way and enjoyed fantastic views.

A rest day followed, with homemade blueberry pancakes, another trip to the hardware store (!), re-stacking for the firewood left over from last winter, and a few games of cards in the evening.

We finished up the week with a great hike to Arethusa Falls via the Frankenstein Cliff path, and a round of golf at the local mini-golf.  For the record, we all played under-par rounds and Kokee got to come along with us (although she wasn't allowed on the greens).

In amongst all of this we found time to take a yoga class, explore numerous local bagel shops, and finished installing a downstairs bathroom sink.  Overall, it was a very relaxing week and a real treat to spend time in the mountains with good friends.

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