Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sip and paint....

During our latest trip to New Hampshire we spotted a flyer from a local art gallery that promised an evening of fun by learning to paint whilst enjoying a glass or two of wine.  What could be better?!

So after saying goodbye to our guests (Eric and Jo; see previous blog post) and before heading home to Connecticut, we spent an evening at the Jackson Arts Studio polishing off a bottle of wine and trying to paint a local woodland scene.

The instructor took us through several stages that can bee seen below, including masking off an area for the trunks of the trees, painting the background, creating a few tree 'forms'  in the mid-ground, and finally adding details to the trees in the foreground.  The class was a lot of fun and everyone ended up with a very respectable painting to take home.

If you have the chance to try this in the future we'd thoroughly recommend it!

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