Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recent happenings at HHR

Things "Here on the Hill" have been busy with typical home, garden and work activities.  We offer some highlights from the last few weeks for your amusement.

We kicked off last weekend with pizza on Friday night at The Green Onion, a pizza place right here in town.  It is always nice to go to favorite local spot that you haven't been to for while and find that they remember the pizza toppings that you order EVERY time you go, "spinach, olive and green pepper, right?" (said with a jolly Greek accent).  It is always warm, friendly and the pizza is always good at The Green Onion.

On Saturday we went to see "The Affections of May" at the Granite Theater in Westerly with Gene and Kathy.  The play was written by a Canadian playright (so it had to be good!); it was a great story, with excellent performances by some local actors.  We had a really nice dinner beforehand at The Mermaid Cafe, which is our favorite breakfast spot.  Dinner was equally good, and we highly recommend it!

The current house and garden projects include replacing, and in some cases installing for the first time,  insulation along outside walls and in roof spaces.  This activity, which Bruno has been tackling on evenings and weekends, is a result of an energy audit we had performed prior to the installation of solar panels (due to arrive very soon).   Bruno has been working pretty hard, hoping to finish while the temperatures are still mild.

The seeds are doing well and we hope the recent rains will prepare the garden for transplanting of some of the larger plants.  In the meantime we have been enjoying fresh asparagus from the garden (yummm!) and watching the strawberry and blueberry plants flower in preparation for a bountiful crop of summer fruits later in the year.

Now that we are over "hump day" we are starting to look forward to the coming weekend and to an evening of live music and dancing at The Knickerbocker on Friday.  We will report more on that event in a future blog posting!

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Eric and Jo said...

Sounds like another couple of ribbons at the N Stonington fair are on their way!!