Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Breakheart Trail: Arcadia Wildlife Management Area

The rain that was forecasted for the WHOLE weekend only just started today (Sunday) at noon giving us a chance to spend some time catching up on things like blog-posts from the hike we did last weekend.

On Sunday, April 15th we traveled to nearby Exeter, RI to the Arcadia Wildlife Management Area to walk the Breakheart Trail.  Initially we were a bit dismayed by the large number of cars at the trail- head, until we realized they belonged to the anglers who were out for the first day of trout season.   Once were were on the trail met only a lone hiker who seemed to glad to see someone else on the trail.   The trail is a moderate hike up and over rolling hills and around rocky ledges typical of this area that lies to close to the coast.  About half-way around our loop we came across the "ruins" of an old campsite that hearkened back to a different era.  There were the remains of many cabins, washhouses, and the footprint of what must have been a spectacular dining hall.  All that remained of the dining hall was the fireplace and the chimney built from Westerly pink granite.  The temperatures were unusually warm and Kokee enjoyed many of the small ponds and streams we found on our journey.

We continue to be impressed with this area of Rhode Island as we work our way through the walk/hike book that has given us a renewed appreciation for the natural beauty that lies so close to our home.

I forgot my goggles!
 Coffee Break
 Charming Bridge
Retrieving Sticks

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