Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

The weather this weekend was perfect with warm temperatures during the day, cool temperatures at night and low humidity.  For this first time this summer we had a completely free weekend which gave us time to enjoy the weather, being at home together, and doing things that have been hard to do with the hot humid weather we have had last month.   We did yoga on the deck, took Kokee for a walk, spent time in the garden, planted some cool weather vegetables for the fall, and had waffles with fresh blueberries from the garden for Sunday breakfast.

Some highlights from the weekend included:

Sheri's ride on Friday afternoon with Shawn and Paul

A Mojito on the deck with fresh mint from the garden

Dinner at The Bridge in Westerly.  The Bridge just opened at the former location of Up River Cafe that closed after the March floods.  The food was great, and the service friendly and accommodating.  We HIGHLY recommend it!

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Paul said...

Hi Guys,

Sounds like a relaxing weekend indeed. I really like that picture of you two together....and boy did that Mojito look good!! The deck looks great by the way, love the potted plants and veggies!!